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our history

On March 28, 1877 Rev. Warner B. Briggs organized the Brenham Presbyterian Church, meeting in the Brenham Opera House. Within three years it had grown to over 50 members and erected a new building in the 300 block of West Main Street. The church endured hardships and finally was forced to close its doors in 1912 because of indebtedness.

It was in 1920 that a nucleus of Presbyterians began meeting once more. After the remodeling of the old church building, the doors of the church were reopened in 1923. In 1950, because of major structural problems, the congregation voted to sell the building and buy the property of Fourth Methodist Church, on the Corner of College and Jackson. In 1951 the move was completed and supply pastor, Dr. Thomas G. Watts of Bryan, led the services.

The building purchased in 1950 had been erected in two stages. The first, used as a fellowship hall and now called the “Blinn Room,” was built in 1874. The sanctuary dates to 1913.

The church was yoked with the Caldwell and Somerville churches until 1976, when Brenham Presbyterian Church became self-supporting and independent. Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Currie III was called to serve as minister. In 1979 ground was broken for an education addition to the church, which was completed and dedicated on July 12, 1981.

The new fellowship hall was designed to serve as a gathering place for large groups as well as an additional worship space. Groundbreaking was on May 6, 2001. It was completed and dedicated on May 19, 2002.

In 2018 the Galilee Garden was added to the property. Church volunteers have been tending the garden. Many vegetables have been grown and collected, given to the Bread Partners of Washington County in helping to feed the hungry.

Brenham Presbyterian Church is blessed to serve Brenham for 145 years!

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